Showing the Identity Means Being Vulnerable.

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What can I say, I have decided to show my true self. Why? because if you are going to brag and vent about mental health and other issues, you need to be authentic and why not. it is without fear that we can not only confront our demons but be real. This life is showing us that people can judge, discriminate and be hurtful on many levels. I am truly sick to my stomach in thinking how people can just run over you like a bull dozer not even considering what the outcome will be.

for years, I never really got it. social media brags about speaking out, sharing your issues and yet, people are still struggling with this awful lifestyle. Mental Health isn’t fun; there are days when your inner self has no idea what direction to take and breathing becomes your best friend. I could not sleep last night because my demons were haunting me. I keep over thinking and these visions of the past keep coming up. Regrets, mistakes, journeys, all bad I assure you, and seems that my mind won’t let it rest.

I don’t know it is because I have not stepped out into the fresh air for three days but I can say, I am very tired. I am not only disgusted with my way of life but the fact that good has become evil and does not shine light.

So here we are and if you are reading this, I hope ( saying that lightly ) if there are more bloggers out there feeling this pressure, like a pot over boiling, you will connect and let’s get a conversation going. I am tired of feeling this way and want to break free.

On a personal note: still not career but keeping the creativity going, I put my face on this blog because people need to know I am real and not some low life from this great big world. Thank you for letting me share my experiences.

I love music, don’t you? here is my song of the day:

Share the Words

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