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Should You Be Allowed

when you have a falling out with friends and family, should you be allowed to ask your spouse or partner to unfriend these people from social media?

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As our time on this earth is very precious, we all have bad relationships and some that need to be cleared out when break ups happen. So what happens when you have a falling out with friends and family? Social media has become so popular and we all like to spread our most personal gossip so people can read the latest #HotTopic but how far is too far?

In my experience, cutting ties with people is important for growth. I truly believe if you are in a new relationship or even long term one, you should be allowed to ask your spouse or partner to unfriend people you have no contact with on social media.

It isn’t right that your spouse be allowed to have these friends and family when you have deleted them out of your life.

There is a reason for no longer associating with them and in order to keep the peace, your significant other should respect it.

On a personal note, this is happening to me. My spouse has and continues to have my ex friends and family on his social media and burns my ass. He should break the ties so that these people aren’t a part of our lives. My spouse is pretty calm and doesn’t like confrontation but he needs to understand the principle of it.

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I have not spoken to him about it because in my eyes, why bother. I am just going to cause a dispute and he won’t understand the logic. But I must say, it has weighed very hard on me for quite some time and feeling this way isn’t good for the well-being of the relationship.

So the big question is:

Do you agree with me? Do you believe we should ask our significate others to unfriend people we no longer associate with on their social media?


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