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shattered spirit and nowhere to turn

whenever someone says something negative, we are suppose to take it with a grain of salt but when your mind is already filled with negative thoughts. how do you believe this impacts your well-being.

i am shattered, i like that word because it defines my inability to be happy.

i don’t think people have the will to know to be nice anymore when trying to explain something. they just tell it like it without even considering how it is going to sound to a person who is totally down the rabbit hole.

i have tried many times to make my life better and i truly believe the impact my mind had friday only proves i was living in denial of my state.

the good news in all this, yes there is a way out of darkness if it is called that but my ability to accept hasn’t kicked into high gear.

as i try and find the answers to my already crushed spirit, i am grateful i can at count on one or two friends who totally understand and can talk to me without judgement.

well, the weather is hot, the sun is a beautiful thing and we at least have that here where i live.

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