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Sex is it a Dirty Word

“when she stared at his perfect nakedness was it a mere seduction or is she starving for more” 

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I believe relationships are based on unconditional feelings and acceptance of one another. I have had my share of relationships; some great and some disasterous but I can honestly say now the experiences have lead me to my life today. Men and women alike have a biological chromozone which indicates our need for passion or otherwise and if those needs aren’t met, I believe this is where the eye wanders. 

Now let me tell you something else.

As we grow in a relationship, we learn to find others way to feel wanted and loved. This is by no means something you can just learn to adapt but a lesson in which I have accomplished with my current man. Being unconditional is learning to accept one another regardless of our differences or preferences. we cannot judge each because each of us has something unique to bring to the relationship.

it blows my my mind when i see people fighting in relationships because i know for a fact that these people have not learned the art of unconditional. these individuals are trying to change something about the other person and that is the reasoning behind arguments.

now i can also claim that being in a relationship with another who does not accept you, believe in your efforts at any experiences, may be simply a direct response to a bad experience they may have had. we often compare our previous relationships to our current one and that my friends is definitely a bad understanding.

a bad relationship, and i say that lightly because no relationship is bad but merely a learning experience and should be glorified with gratitude.

now lets get to the sex part…

i am to say the least very sexual and my need tfor affection is very high. over the years i have had to accept that most people do not need sex in order to be happy and in my situation, for lack of trying, things have really change. it is unfortunate and i don’t normally talk about it on here but i figured there just might be others who have this problem. so, when one does not get pleasured at home, unless by ones own ability to satisfy for stress relief, the eye does wander. the question is, how far would one go?

i don’t believe in cheating but i do know some do; if that is their pleasure then good for them if they can pull it off. this topic could go on forever i would think but for today my point is sex is in my opinion not a dirty word but merely an expression of relief.

as i sit here i am thinking maybe i should write a whole series on the subject of sex. who knows, i may get more subscribers.


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