self-deprivation: the constant reminder

the feeling something is wrong and you just can’t pin point what it is probably weighs on many people but today i write you a story of self growth.

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we all want to be better, we all want things to be successful or maybe we just find ourselves thinking why bother. that is pretty much what i do on a daily basis because some of us aren’t lucky enough to get exactly what we need or deserve.

mixed emotions run high in stressful situations and lately i have seen much of that on the internet. people doing silly things to entertain themselves and this global pandemic going into phase 3, we are faced with more restrictions than ever before.

the world is in chaos …

we strapped to a situation we have never faced and the idea of being control by government laws leaves me feeling very disappointed in society. we are no longer standing up for what is right; human choices or rights have been stripped away from us and we can’t fix it.

people refuse to take chances, people refuse to stand up for what is right.

for instance …

opening businesses is all fine but the idea that we must still wear these damn masks that are not protecting us rather restricting our ability to function like normal human beings. we look ridiculous for one and can’t understand a thing that others are saying. even in the stores, you can feel the tensions; people are no longer nice.

i have been shopping online and trying to set precedence but i am merely a fraction of the population. i find it seriously disturbing that when a man was killed, everyone stood up and didn’t seem to care about restrictions a few months ago.

yes i understand there is still a risk but what needs to be done is not being done.

test people – make that mandatory then carry the paper around when you are negative.

then we can be free to wear a mask or not. politics, that is all this is.


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