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How to find your voice without indulging the negative impact and people’s opinions

experience makes us all smarter than we were in the past, finding solutions, understanding triggers and most certainly hoping that just one person will listen and accept your moment. dealing with mental health, and it does not matter what kind, is hard enough without worrying that people are judging.

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if feel that way most of the time because I know this to be a fact.

when we feel the anxiety rise, the bad emotions, we need to stop and take a moment to understand the meaning behind it. this is truly the only way to grasp the complex mental breakdown. gaining composure isn’t enough, you have to either talk it out or walk away from a bad situation before something drastic fills your brain.

I know this and understand it from experience because my triggers are quite often these days and yesterday was another day of tying to make sense of my actions and feelings. I am not perfect and I have not met anyone who is only those who think they are but I can assure you that most people are just afraid to share their truth.

We are all experiencing some sort of mental health issue and this world is proof that unless we all stand together in this pile of shit, nothing will be better.

It isn’t enough anymore to just have patience, empathy or consideration.

What people need to do and understand is acceptance. Knowledge is power and when you can consume that power, you are filling the tree with leaves. It is like the branches in the winter, they aren’t dead but just still because it knows at certain times, the weather doesn’t want it to flourish but the minute that the warmth and sun appears, it has the opportunity to flourish and grow.

I am at a point in my life where I will not stand down from voicing my feelings. I need people to understand what is going on and why; it is the only way I will feel 100% comfortable with the situation at hand.

as always, find your voice, be unconditional,

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