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Seasons Change But Do We have Too

As time moves on, so does our lives and sometimes we feel as though we need something different in order to resurrect our well-being. I think this has to do with changing seasons; I know I was feeling it yesterday when I had to put my pool away, and pick up more leaves from the yard. I hate so leaving that tranquil place, (backyard) and now I feel as though I have no special area to do my thing.

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Must find another happy place for myself over the winter, other than flying off to the beach, which I will hopefully go this winter but find something else that brings me joy and tranquility.

I am also transitioning in jobs again, which is making me realize how I have changed already so much this year. There is a part of me that feels cursed right? Constantly changing jobs in order to make my life a little easier and more satisfying. So disappointed that my summer employment couldn’t keep me, however I did understand the reasoning.

I am feeling a little low but somewhat relaxed…

All I am saying is that we all need a place to call our own, a place to escape the rat race and just be. Out with the old, in with the new and never understood.


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