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Seasons Change and So Must You

there are people who believe they are who they are because that is the way life has lead them but what they do not realize is in the making, some of us took a wrong turn. we all want to believe that there is a bigger plan and that whatever happens is all for a big reason.

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others will believe that our choices make the path and they don’t want to see life any other way. there are also those ( like myself ) who believe life likes to play tricks and forever challenges my way in order to see how much I can be pushed.

yesterday, I felt very disturbed by something that made me realize how childish people can be. in larger circles, it is difficult to control others as we all know people our of their preferences in acting a certain way but it is the way we are treated that affect our ability to see past the negativity and makes us feel as though we are less understood.

the problem is whether or not, for your own sanity, we should verbalize these feelings especially when we know nothing will come out it. the other idea is this maybe we should just let it go as it is only a mere moment in time and what the hell, these people do not define who we are and how we feel.

improving ones’ behaviour is the only thing we should really concern ourselves with and become all that we can be. as long as we are satisfied with life, then the people around us matter only when necessary. 

as we head into october, leaves falling, colors changing, i am reminded of my own sanity and satisfactions. i am still wondering what the rest of 2019 has in store for me but i am confident things will all be as it should be.

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