Sanity is the best policy

what may be good for one person, may be unacceptable to another.

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in recent days, i have thought so much about how when life throws you scary times, you start to look at life in a different way. maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the fact that i realized on my trip how precious time can be but nonetheless, i see people who act out in ungratefulness and wonder if they even for one single moment think of the impact they may have on others.

there is so much drama in this life that i found myself in the middle of it yesterday and literally had to walk away because i felt as they say an ‘iky’ feeling of uneasiness. i also know life can be hard but what one can do is try and make life as simple as possible without forgetting the important things.

i guess my attitude has changed because one, life is to short, two i don’t want to waste time thinking what if and third i want to be happy again. as past experiences would have shown me, love was my main ingredient and i need that in my life to make me happy and healthy. i feel with love in my heart, i can conquer and build good relationships with everyone. i no longer want to stress the small stuff and i want to feel fulfilled as much as possible.

in every day living, choices are inevitable; example, work. we must work to survive. acceptance is that we make the best of what we have in the moment we have it. therefore we should look for the little fun in our every day job in order to make it joyous. friendships come and go but in your present life, if you are lucky enough to have them, remind them of our important they are and what they can bring to your well being. most of all, the ones’ you love, tell them, tell them every day how much you love and appreciate them.

the biggest change anyone can make for themselves is a positive outlook and gratitude for life. don’t waste it!


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