Reverse Richer Save the Poor

I had a crazy thought today how the rich get richer and the poor stay at the bottom. if only we had a line of code to fuck with the system. I would like to take all the rich people’s money, make them minimal and give it all to those of us who suffer or live pay cheque to pay cheque. The idea that most people work very hard just to put a mere 100 dollars a week of food in the house is insane.

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Society has become so black and white, ( no disrespect ) meaning there is no longer middle class. You are either very wealthy or just barely making it. There are some who thrive in the middle but do not stay there long because there is always something around the corner haunting this very thought.

How does one live in this mannerism? How can we begin to be healthy is all we worry about is money? Survival? and Where the next meal is coming from?

I guess I am disturbed this morning because as much as I work really hard at making my online world successful, it fails. In the real world, I have subject myself to making $16 per hour and that doesn’t even cover the means which I live cheap by.


I am telling you, this is and always has been my life’s work; the idea that I have done everything possible to make it bigger, comfortable and content has given me grief and I am really sick of living like this. I remember a time when I was happy and very content, money in my bank, people who believed in me and were to say the least proud. Now, nothing. It’s like a nail in my coffin only I don’t believe in coffins.

todays lesson: being this unconditional means acceptance and although I have accepted my purpose and destiny, it still would be nice to have a little success here and in the real world to at least worry less.

oh and by the way, my course is very good and only $25. I am telling you lessons out there are not cheap and some of them are so lengthy you bare have time to consider reading the first 3 paragraphs.


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