Regret Should Be Removable

we all have those moments when something happens or decisions are made and let us realize it wasn’t the correct choice. as we grow through life experiences, we sometimes continue on the path of ‘what if’ or ‘what the hell was i thinking’ but then again, how are we suppose to learn if mistakes aren’t made.

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the problem with this is that the bigger regrets have an impact on our lifestyle. we tend to dwell on something that is totally out of our control. like me, the fixer, i get very frustrated because when it is impossible to regain the trust of people because of a mistake, i get really upset with myself.

“courage faces fear and thereby masters it” – martin luther king, jr.

two years of dwelling on mistakes, issues of career, and today our world is feeling my pain. this self-isolation has really triggered the fact that those who have judged me in my journey are now feeling the same way i have felt for a long time. i wonder if it has at all made sense or a difference in their thinking or are people still being self-centered in their reality.

we all are unique but does that mean people have to be unappreciative of lifestyle choices of others?

we don’t know what 2020 will bring. we are unsure of the next few weeks let alone the next months but what we can do is be in our moment and remember regrets are part of growing and acceptance should be considered by others.

tell me: how do you live your unconditional life?


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