redesign your life: is it possible

this week i have been thinking about how to create a good lifestyle and i mean good in a way that expresses capability. when you have no means, you can’t have or create the life you want and as sad as this seems, i must at least be grateful i am still breathing.

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i don’t want to sound selfish but i feel as though the people around me always seem to have more than they deserve. a person works really hard to make a living or be successful and ends up with absolutely nothing to show for it.

they say having a plan is a good thing but what if my pencil is broken?

i keep saying i need just one more chance to build again and maybe i will be able to find my purpose and perspective. the internet is a fun place at best but it can also make you realize how unlucky some people make you feel.

social media has taken a back seat for me only because it is filled with chaos and negativity. i can’t deal with it more or less but it has been a more calming look at what i can do in this time of need.

i also missed a day somewhere, i thought it was friday yesterday.


my focus is very blurred and it is really creating a big concern. i keep wondering if others around the world are feeling the same. fill the void they say with positive things but trying to find that is nearly impossible, isn’t it.

for those who are thriving in their lives, good on you.


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