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recognize the lack of communication and organization

i have been thinking about content, life content, relationship content and all of the above. when we consider our lifestyles, do we ever really consider the possibility that maybe just maybe we could be better or do we just satisfy ourselves with what is?

you have heard me write before about my personal life and how my ups and downs are more frequent when i feel as though life doesn’t matter. social media takes over, lack of communication with people, stresses of environmental issues and so much more i can’t even begin to tell you.

i have been working on my content layout for about a week now thinking maybe if i changed the way things look, people would notice. as it would have it, i seem to lack certain desires of selling something only because that is not my purpose for having my website.

the question of the day is this:

why can’t i have it all, why can’t i seem to get the recognition, groups, page likes and such in order to feel better about what i do. it is like my job; i love it, although the stresses of customer service can give such a big head that it is difficult to let it go at the end of the day but i have noticed that the company i work for lacks a little organization. they want to make things better but lack the outcome of what or how it impacts the employees. communication is so important and when i was a leader, my team never lacked information.

i know my strengths and that is the most important one of all, organization and communication. one person is not less important than the other and all must be recognized. the pressures of leading can cause havoc when you lack the responsibility of leading.

same with your personal life. a day off is supposed to be for rest but when we look around our home and see how unorganized our physical environment is we want to fix it.

at least i do.

in the end, we are left with feeling exhausted, depressed for lack of accomplishments and disappointed with all that matters. i told an old friend yesterday that i still regret my actions from 2 years ago and it reminds me that the past is the past but repeating the mistakes only brings the lack of self confidence.

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