recent words.

negativity takes over and all hell breaks loose

it has hit me, the one thing i find most difficult in life is taking negative feedback. maybe it is childish but i also realize if i don’t dish this out, i will explode. every time

different strokes for different folks

i talk often about all types of different people and how we need to accept everyone for who they are and how they feel. this is the only way to survive. there are some people that

believe what you want but know this

limiting beliefs is very hard because we are not free to speak out minds and hope that people will understand, usually they don’t therefore we are restricting ourselves and therefore we lose confidence in our ability

what is the spirit of the holidays

although we are in a dilemma, i think it is important to remember we are still human and for what it is worth, this holiday season should be more about value, compassion and most of all

are you sick of sacrificing your time for others

in today’s society, we recognize the stresses of mental health and how people are filled with anxiety. we see big changes in behaviour, lifestyle, and our way to communicate these feelings. i have ask the question:

recognize the lack of communication and organization

i have been thinking about content, life content, relationship content and all of the above. when we consider our lifestyles, do we ever really consider the possibility that maybe just maybe we could be better or

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