Qualities and Defects

I keep thinking about life in general how we work so hard to succeed at whatever is before us and the same feeling comes up:

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“why do some people get all they want and others struggle”

I guess life has its own plan and we should assume everything happens for a reason but the idea that so many people suffer just distracts me from the reality.

Lifestyle changes are chaotic and most of us can deal with whatever comes to pass but there are some who can’t face the reality of hardship.

What I find difficult are the people like me who have worked so hard to make it in this big world and nothing to show for it. the questions begin to rumble again and again:

why am I here, what is my purpose and most of all why is this happening.

I feel as though I have went into a circle and that I am a nobody again ( a term I use because no money, no ambitions and nothing tangible ) it is sad but not without direction. then there is something called “dreams” the one thing I never was able to achieve.

I am at a stand still and nothing seems to make me want to come out of my dark hole. I can assure you I am not crazy or mentally disturbed but the honesty about my personal situation is very scary at the moment.

Losing everything we built in the last 5 years is a thought I don’t want to imagine but it seems inevitable. Thanks for listening to this read of truth.


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