purpose is necessary or have we just decided to drop it

as i put the finishing touches on my new layout, i was happy because not following others is a reminder that being unique is the most important thing for any human.

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we struggle with beliefs and understanding of why people do what they do without even considering their purpose.

because they can and should.

i was being sucked into a world of do’s and don’ts again and it took me a while to realize how one word can snap you out of that horrible. my defense came on and i just flip it up into high gear thinking why am i following suit to people who have no open mind and consideration for the uniqueness.

online or in real life, there are many people who get all bent out of shape when they feel threatened or turned away from a reality they know nothing about. they pretend to care or even be concerned and the minute you do something to challenge the normality, they immediately disrespect.

then your purpose becomes null.

here we are defining our purpose and reasoning with our own growth. i have but one purpose left to fulfill and i must say if i can ever get it out, it will be the ultimate ‘bang’ of my lifetime.

on this friday, the heat is building up and summer is beautiful. we can at least be thankful in ontario for the season. i think i am to calibrate my senses and find a way to accept my present situation and let live.


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