Progress Makes the Mental Demons Live

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I hate when people ask the question: “what do I have to offer my readers” – I mean really, it was a method to the madness. They say to write what you know and I know many things but for the most part, I realized that Mental Health was one of the biggest issues this world can’t handle and for the lack of support, writing was the only way I could express my feelings and hope that people would understand or relate.

So offerings are a substitute.

I love to create as well and as you can see, my website is never dull per se and I am always looking for the next best thing. it is really sad that I have not made any money from it but it is something I really enjoy doing.

So here we are…

I had been working on several projects, one the mugs and two the mood book. It’s therapy right I set the book aside for a bit attempting to set up my shop on Etsy, not really good at it but they are available now for sale, I believe this week I will attempt to finish the book. I really love it, affirmations that really need no explanation but help one’s soul on this journey of self-love.

I want to explain the mood this week.

Noticing even though the weather is beautiful, I have been feeling very frustrated and angry with myself. I guess some demons won’t leave me alone and it baffles me that I cannot let shit go. You would think after years of practice I would understand the concept and work it but no, demons are just that demons and they creep up at a moment’s notice.

So, as I deal with that and search for myself, I hope you have a great week and find some peace and love for yourself.

sincerely, the Writer.

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