Presidents, Leadership and All That Comes with A Title

i have been thinking of something of great importance today, leadership.

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what is it about this word that sums up one thing, one idea:

People have experienced first hand what it means to be a leader but unfortunately i failed. almost a year later, i realize now why i failed and it wasn’t because i did not qualify for the job, it is because i had so many other barriers.

dictatorship is a word i despise but without rules and pass practice, one can’t represent people properly. however, now that we are heading into 2020, i believe some of the rules should be changed and reassessed.

the bigger problem is groups of people assume responsibility for making those rules implied and respected. this is where leadership should be reconsidered. i have changed so many times for the sake of this leadership, i feel as though my failure to my people is the reason i departed so abruptly.

today, things would be different.

the people can not have confidence when there are so many rules and regulations of past failures. the written word is so old, it breaths dishonesty, scrabbled words and no absolute direction. it shows no compassion, no understanding of what the people really need and want and it certainly is far from the new and modern world.

as i will never be allowed to step into those shoes again, it makes me wonder:

why do we sacrafice the things we really want for others?

perhaps a post for tomorrow.


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