Preparing Destiny in Words

I was thinking about originality this morning and all it’s worth only because as bloggers, we want the best of the best in order to succeed. My efforts to build a course online, although unprofitable at the moment, lack the marketing value it needs. Therefore, after reading pages and pages of how-to and the best model for website design, it made me realize, although my niche is somewhat unique, maybe the strategy I have taken should be my own and not what others preach.

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As I prepare my second course on Fear, I can’t help but wonder if I am doing all this for nothing. I mean people are successful only if they do the work but years I have been doing the work and am so discouraged these days with my ability to succeed. Career, relationship, friendships are all and seem to be unsuccessful and I feel very disturbed by all of it. Even last night, I mentioned to someone that I had this big interview coming up, a very important position and she made me feel as though I was dumb or something by stating that she was willing to help because this company is very particular on information needed. It isn’t rocket science and I have a form of details to be given at the interview, therefore, I don’t see how I can miss the boat on this. After all, I was the president of an organization for 3 years and I think people sometimes forget that.

Nonetheless, it made me feel bad about myself and I was very insulted.

Which brings me to self-worth; how is it that some people can easily get under your skin even though you work the steps to be a better person? Because they can! Not only that, sometimes when your life feels like shit, you only see the negative aspects and there is no bright light. I haven’t sunk into the rabbit hole but the mere idea that I have failed a few times in the last year, reminds me again of regret.

Dwelling on this is not healthy but some people just can’t let it go. I take a step back and think, I would done things so differently in the past 4 years had I known better but the learning curve was before me in that time and place and I can’t go back. So, I did what I thought was best and lead with what materials I had. People can really influence a feeling and being I am so unconditional, I take it and use it to my advantage. It gives me perspective on my own well-being and why I am feeling the way I do.

Life can be very hard, life can be a struggle and today we must struggle in order to survive but it does not mean we have to accept the words of others just because it makes them feel better about themselves. Maybe they need that in order to survive and we must respect their lifestyle. Today, I will simply do what I have to do in order feel better and work at getting the present moment in order.

I am hoping for good things to come and that people will believe in my online success.


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