People with nasty remarks, nasty assumptions

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When will it all end? That is the big question.

I don’t know why we are living in such a terrible world now but I can honestly say, I do not like it. It has become so judgemental, racist, and inconsiderate that humanity deserves nothing of good. There are certain people who really nit-pick things that truly do not need an explanation or rather attention. Most people should truly just mind their own business but we all know a lot of people love drama.

Unfortunately, my life does not get better with age and I am very sorry for that only because you would think with all the good I have done and my continuous ambitions, something would turn around.

I am fed up beyond repair at the moment and I really need an awakening of some sort. I am a “facts” person, and when reality sets in that some people assume all kinds of things or accuse others of things without facts, then that really bites me.

In my opinion, if you are going to mouth off about something at least back it up.

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