people who let you down

there is a fine line between feeling o.k and always feeling let down by people. professionals would tell you that if you feel a certain way, it is because you allow these feelings to surface. the problem with that is it is textbook. it isn’t the truth about what people should be really feeling or saying.

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are you hiding behind a shadow of people?

this may be a small thing to some but something is really bothering me.

i ordered a series of Rubbermaid spatulas and they used to hang over the stove on this carousel of utensils. this afternoon, i noticed i could only find 2 of them and wondered why they had been moved. the more i look around this house, i notice there is nothing in here that represents me. how upsetting.

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then again, i didn’t want this house in the first place and we all know i don’t even want to be in Canada let alone a fucking house that reaks of someone else. so aside from people in my past letting me down constantly, i am still living in this nightmare of the couple let down.

what is a girl to do?

if only i could win the lottery, i would disappear in a heart beat.


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