People think they can fix you

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My thoughts this morning are on people who believe they have the answers to everything. That no matter what life brings to the forefront, you can’t accomplish anything and everything. I am living proof that isn’t the truth. If anything, that kind of power isn’t possible and it is a good thing that I live a “realistic” life and see what is right in front of me, otherwise, I would be delusional like everyone else.

For most of my lifetime, I have been told what to do, how to speak, and what to think, and it didn’t occur to me until last night how blind I have been. I tried to prove to someone that they did not know me at all; how can they when I have never really shown people my truth? I have never been myself with anyone because I don’t even really know who I am so what makes people think they can automatically give me advice or decide what is best for me when I don’t even know? I was never given the chance to really decide what is best for me.

All I do know for sure is the way I feel in this present moment and that is all I have to go on. Oh, I can be the greatest actress on earth when it comes to professionalism, the big face in front of a camera or the behind-the-scenes person in front of my computer but the reality is who am I really?

I am grateful at least I have my mind and know how I feel, the rest well, we will have to determine if given the chance. Meanwhile, let’s just say, I believe I have finally opened someone else’s eyes by telling it like it is. They didn’t like it of course, but it was needed.

Sometimes, those who think we need to be fixed, actually need fixing.

All kinds of goodies in there.

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