people regret only what they do not understand to be true

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i believe regret is a word that is often used but rarely accepted because the understanding of it confuses the mind. it is something we wish we would have not done or something that happened wouldn’t have happened and yet, life is full of different directions we must accept.

i still believe everything happens for a reason and when you regret something, you take on a burden that is no longer needed. it weighs on your emotional mind and causes more stress than needed. when you follow the pattern of ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ you forget the present and no longer feel a connection to life.

been there and wrote the book on it.

oh, i bet you didn’t know i wrote books; available on Amazon for the taking. the amateur writer who at the time felt the need to vent and develop. the hard part is that these books never sold but as they are still out there in the world wide web, i applaud my accomplishment for trying. ( it is the top four when you open that link )

acceptance is a big part of regret.

my unconditional series is another adventure that tried and failed but i don’t regret writing it because it explored my self-growth and helped me understand emotions. i only wish more people would have joined the journey. if you feel the need to read this, send me an email.

as the new week begins, i want to look at your life and understand why you regret it, work it through your emotions, and then let it go. find a more positive way to deal with all the garbage lurking in your head. you will see a big difference in your way of life.

on a more personal note, i experienced a beautiful summer day yesterday, enjoying some time in the sun and pool feeling as though it would be the last one. in Canada, we have four seasons and we only have very few sunny days that i can honestly say come and go so fast. My paradise will soon disappear and without travelling in the future, i am saddened.

although, i have to believe this crisis will subside and we will get back to a more realistic lifestyle. enjoy your Sunday, hope for a new week and be healthy.

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