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people must stop the chaos

it is apparent that the world is gone crazy. why are we so focused on this epidemic of #blacklivesmatter – i say this with no offense because should all lives matter.

people are frustrated and obsorbed in the chaos and have stopped appreciating what life has to offer. you can’t even take one step into the world and something is reminding us that people put to much focus on something that happened many moons ago.

the focus should be on getting better.

i know myself i can’t even stand to go anywhere these days because it is all about #socialdistancing and yet if you look around we are still crossing each others path in all the stores. does this make sense?


as small business opened Friday in Ontario i laughed because i was standing in line – wrong line by the way not knowing – but as i starred into a salon store i seen plastic wrap around the counter area. i am not dumb but does it make sense to have that when you are 2 to 3 inches away from a person while cutting their hair?

i ask you: why is still a big issue and why is no longer common sense in the world. even wearing masks, does this not cause more of an issue when you are breathing this chemically made product infecting your lungs with the materials.

seriously i think something better happen soon or i feel there will more disappointing lives. humanity is clearly not thinking and we must stop the chaos.

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