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I have been lacking the ability to write lately and for that reason, I am here now. I guess you could say, I have just been slacking off. 2022 was one of my worse years ever and if could describe my life in one word, it would be destructive. I am tired of thriving for things that will be achieved and most certainly feel as though, there isn’t enough support out there, true support.

The public always has some sort of comment, get help, seek professional therapy but what they don’t understand is that we who suffer in silence need the same kind of people in our corner. I remember years ago when I started blogging, we use to meet in a chat room full of people to just vent about our lives. I have always wanted to create that kind of community again but for lack of understanding how I gave up on the thought. Like many other things and ideas, all are on the back burner.

Although my real-world work is going better, busy learning many new things, I still feel I am taking more steps back. I can’t catch up on anything and I certainly am still lacking funds to do what I want to do. my little shop never amounted to much, as I suspected only because the competition is too high, so I guess I need to really consider where that is going. I spend money posting my notebook journals and nothing. So I think Etsy is a waste of time and effort and must find another way to show off my creativity and sell.

We arrived in 2023. I doubt it will be different than 2022 and as negative as that sounds, I speak the truth. The world is still chaotic, the government ( where you live ) is still controlling the people and the cost of living is so high, we are merely hanging by a thread. There are people on #tiktok posting spiritual guidance, the false hope of a better world, losers making you think they will send money when all the while they are leading you to links to make you spend more and in my eyes that is so dishonest. These people need a reality check and need to be banned from #socialmedia.

As this is Monday, maybe this is a new week and maybe it will bring more bullshit than I can imagine but either way, I am never for lack of trying.

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