People Don’t Live a Realistic Life

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This week has been mostly about the ‘fake it ’til you make it theme and I have to say, I am not one to be someone else especially when it does not benefit my health. I am working with a bunch of unique individuals and I have to say, there is always one person that stands out from the rest and it isn’t because he is special but because he is trying too hard to impress. I call him, ‘the class clown’.

Frankly, he is a total joke.

At one point his questions were so bizarre I had to wonder if he was just taking this class to be a spy. It was interesting how he persisted in his line of questioning as though he was digging for a means to operate the business. The worse part about this class is the fact that we have to be on camera and to me, that is such an embarrassment. It defines the word, “childish” in a way where the teacher has to watch our every move in case we are where we are supposed to be.

I am sorry but if you want a job bad enough and need money, you will be in class learning.

It is a good thing my multi-tasking skills are great but I have to say I am terribly bored, so I read other things or skip ahead to follow through with what comes next.

A Breath of Stupid

Ok. I am not one to judge but it gets harder and harder not to especially when you face the challenge of people who are overly positive and think because they do this, great things will come to them. I can assure you, life isn’t like that. Some people believe that if you sent out positive vibes, ten folds will come back. Not a proven fact. Let’s be realistic. We are in the present moment: no magic, no mythical beings floating around, and certainly no signs of another entity helping out our situation. I guess people need to amuse themselves by thinking something better or greater is watching over them.

Then why all the chaos? Why is so many suffering in the world? Why are some richer than others?

Health and Happiness

You all know, if you have read my blog long enough, that I am less than happy in my life, and when stressed out to the max, I get tension headaches, pain, and now I have a cold sore. I feel like I have “VD” and yet no one kisses me nor do I engage in friendly sexual activities. It is all about stress. Can I just have a few moments where happiness and comfort find their way back to me? I am not confident that it will.

Hope you have a more realistic day and remember, be honest and face the challenges. What else is there other than mimicking someone else which isn’t really impressive?

all the best,


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