People and the right to be hurtful

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people used to tell me, “you can only do so much” but what happens when your own heart and head doesn’t feel right about certain situations.

can you honestly fight those demons?

my friends, i can tell you as time goes on we all know how hard it is to live these days, the frustrations, the isolations, the cover-ups, it all seems so exhausting. have we forgotten our own ability to relax, to find a peaceful moment or are we all victims of negative situations.

i do understand the chaos is for a reason but lately, people are getting meaner and more outspoken without even a touch of respect or class for that matter.

i believe expression is important for self growth. saying what you mean when you mean it is priority to get rid of the garbage lurking in your head but there is a way of presenting itself without destroying someone else’s way of life.

the one thing that stands out is why does it affect our way of feeling when someone throws a verbal punch. underlying issue maybe? could be.

but nonetheless, there is a way of telling someone something negative or as we used to call it “positive or constructive criticism.”

sometimes it is good to take a step back, think about what a person may be going through, and re-think your verbal communication.

a personal note: i am creating again and it feels good to be me.

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