Penetration of the Mind, Soul and Body

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As writers, we often sit and stare at our screen wondering what to talk about and this is what I am feeling lately. I have not been able to write, keep occupied with life in general, and understand my feelings and how to move forward. My work is quite exhausting and that is probably why I have no solid words to express it. I have been keeping the boxes closed only because I don’t want to explode mentally.

So consumed with real-life experiences can turn somewhat chaotic and then we must take a pause and re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t. A long time ago, writing was my “go-to” for revealing my inner thoughts and feelings. Now, I keep wondering what kind of value I am bringing to the table. Converting my energy into designing notebook journals has also been a struggle, constantly experimenting with new ideas has left a bad taste in my brain because people don’t seem interested.

Well, what is a woman supposed to do? I wanted to create a brand, that fell apart, I wanted to generate extra income, but that isn’t working and now, I am just numb from life, period.

I like creating journal books but the ideas are attracting people, so this week, I have set my mind to coming up with a new vision, something that will define what Words really mean and hopefully it will catch on.

Checking in with our emotions, feelings and attitude is a great gift if we know how to handle it. The truth about one’s own nature isn’t always easy but we must move forward and make the best of life.

yours truly, Cathy

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