passion: what the fuck is that all about

ever just sit and wonder what moves you to the core?

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what makes your ticker tik? i do and as i listened to certain songs from the past, i am reminded of how i have left certain passions die.

why do we obsess over things we have no control over or why do we forget things that can truly makes us happy?

i guess because life takes over.

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our lifestyles change, people disappear, time is never on our side. we move with the idea of making things better or believe it is something we really want but every so often we sit and think about something so profound and realize what we wanted isn’t right.

knowing we are fucked because we can’t change the past, where does that leave our mojo sorta speak.


i really though my life was going another path and this is where i ended up, unhappy, unfulfilled and definitely unsatisfied with my choices. the road took me where i thought i was supposed to be but every so often i feel it, that tug of i am in the wrong story.

i should have been, i could have been and yet here i am, telling the world what they already know, sharing my bullshit stories thinking someone is listening. maybe they are but it still seems a bit ridiculous.

the funny thing is i know exactly what i need and want, totally focused on this moment and i feel that my responsibility is more important than my dreams or satisfaction of another life which is to say sad because why should i deny myself of true happiness?

all i know for sure is that our humanity is in trouble and most of the people are feeling very isolated and troubled. if we could only turn back time and understand the present situation and

make things better for everyone.

in the end for today, i want to be selfish, i want people to know that if chances were something i could buy, then i would spend my money on that because i believer i need another chance to change my direction.

tell me how you feel, maybe we can start the conversation …


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