passion or compassion

relationships are complicated aren’t they and for the most part, we all know in order for 2 people to make it work, compromise is inevitable. there is another kind of relationship i would like to discuss, the secret kind, the one relationships you never speak of or hide from.

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look, i know for a fact some of us dream of a great love, one that increases your heart rate, make you tingle and then there those relationships that simply drive you crazy only because it is the challenge of knowing you can never had it.

they say crazy love can be very addictive and i have had a few of those. i am not talking about unhealthy relationships, i am speaking of the ones that you dare not touch.

remember the song, “don’t you forget about me” – you would hope in your lifetime that the heated moments you have had would remain embedded in your brain.

i would consider these moments the fluid that keeps us revived. we need passion as well as compassion and when the blood is flowing, it reminds us we are still alive. those secret little text or social media messages that come in are the moments of a time when you were happy and alive.

it can make all the difference in the world if you can hold on to that because after all, human interaction is a wonderful thing.


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