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our society and invincibility

when is it that someone notices the good one has done. probably never. i am still waiting for that validation beyond this world. i suppose that will never happen but still the idea that people adore and get inspired by such hard work, would be gratifying.

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we all want to feel important, we all want someone to love and most of all during this horrible time, we want to get back our normal before all this bad pandemic started. i think it is the interaction, we have all become so isolated from society that our nerves fading into the wind.

but thats just it, if this all to prove how strong we, if we fail, do we become invincible?

how to make a statement

we are not here on this earth to prove anything to anyone else and yet most of us thrive on making others happy. we forget that the only way to succeed is to be true to our own well being and as long as everyone around us is being satisfied, then we should be happy as well. not true.

find your center

it think it takes a big person to admit defeat and wrong doing. if you are suffering from any kind of anxiety, mental health issue or the latter, then it is good to admit this because it proves you are aware of your own humanity. the problem lies in others who judge something they do not understand. they hide their own true nature to save society and embarrassment.

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being stuck somewhere

i can tell you that a bigger problem lies within the means of not being able to do exactly what you want. i am personally suffering from restrictions and i hate it. it isn’t fair that i am in a situation, which i realize i put myself in, that gives me no pleasure and peace. i live another person’s life because this is my responsibility.

the reality

i really don’t want to be here, i want to be well, happy and able to breathe without restrictions of my own and find that peace i so truly deserve. whether it is here or somewhere else in the world, which is where i really want to be, i know that if i could just find that little bit of light, i would not be sitting here telling you how unhappy i am. instead i would be writing about how easy it is to achieve the life you want.


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