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Only What The Eye Can See

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and with this mind, I am conducting a test. People do judge what they see without even knowing what lies underneath. We comment on people’s appearances, their race, their color, their hair – you get the meaning – and yet, we are suppose to be a great world of accepting others for who they are and what they represent.

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I have seen people who are wealthy and you would never know it.

As their dress attire was shabby and disgraceful, I wondered why. I mean, if I had money, my attire and surroundings would certainly change as I love nice things.

In the past, I was always trying to make things colorful in order to satisfy my negativity but as the years have passed, I find myself not caring as much only because the effort seems useless.

I have been extremely tired lately, for lack of sleep with worry and this morning was no different. Dreams are so intense at times, I have to stick my head outside just to snap out of my crazy dream. It is so life like and yet I know it is just that.

But then, my true reality sets in and it is no better.

I wonder when the day comes when all will be well again because deep dark hole is starting to look very grim.


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