mental health

ok! so i decided it was time to work on my inner self

that line isn’t right – it is a metaphor created by a bunch of people who think they know you by experience and yet never dig deep enough to understand your true meaning.

don’t be fooled.

the thing is with a catchy moment and title most people will stop by and figure “ya why not” – so here it is.

yes. for sure we all want to work on something that isn’t right in our lifestyle but we don’t always know or want to share admit the truth. not me, i tell it like it is and if you aren’t happy with my words, then move on.


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so the real topic of the day, is July. i have scrabbled to find the right subject to dig into and color comes to mind but focusing on better behavior might be the ticket. i mean, there many people who are angry, grouchy, annoying in this moment and it is high time they chill out.

i am fortunate that i do not work in the public any longer, well maybe not but needless to say, i would certainly make it a point of telling people they need to be nicer. the truth is i don’t want to be in the public eye because it is the same shit different day, isn’t it?

people parading around with their stupid masks on like its a fashion statement now and thinking that it all stop the spread of this virus. i stand firm on this people, the mask really wasn’t going to help and the population of this world are so gullable.

as we watch the numbers go down – because the government claims the vaccine works – people are dreaming of vacations – myself included – but the problem with that is money. people are broke and the economy isn’t helping so how are we going to do the things we used to do at a reasonable price?

more more i see or hear about depression, sadness and young people dying over loss in themselves or related to drugs and suicide it is very apparent this world needs more than a vaccine.

although on the other side of that coin, if your life is so bad how did it get that far? what happened along the way to make it so intolerable. these fake doctors, and counsellors have no clue what they are saying in therapy and clearly do not understand the reality of life – just saying. they figure because they have some sort of text book degree that makes them the expert.

( the reason i am speaking of this is because my step daughters cousin committed suicide this week and it has been a thought on my mind )

Ok. so what next.

not sure at the moment but with the heat wave that has appeared and life is pretty simple in this house, i guess it is still one day at a time.

hope you are all enjoy the summer and i look forward to hearing from you. while i brain storm some interesting subjects for July 2021.

be unconditional. the Writer.

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