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let me first tell you how pleased i am to have finally got a great hosting company, Blue Hosting, and i must say, it has been very stable.

as i continue with the design and layout, this process has been a big change and that brings me to very important matters of lifestyle changes.

as i still struggle with the idea of making money online, i find myself also struggling with sleep these days because of worry. my job is not permanent and money is a key factor of my stresses. i am so envious of those who have made it in the blog world and can have the lifestyle they want. what bothers are the fakes, the fonies, all to make a buck and never really help the ones who are realistic about their goals and motivations. pretty much like the real world; some people can’t be trusted and it really upsets me because i love people, i get a rush out of their stories and they give me material in order to entertain you, my readers.

i am not looking fore much or the six figure income just enough to be able to do what i want when i want and continue my love of blogging!


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