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why can’t we realize that sometimes life takes us on a different journey and there is nothing we can do to change it but only adapt to the new way.

i have been wondering lately about how life is changing and whether or not we will adapt to our new way of living or if we will go back in a way of appreciation. it seems to me, most people do not deal with isolation very well and the fact is most of us are unacceptable to change. we fall into a routine of relentless battles of self destruction rather than feel the reality.

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i was faced with an issue of change yesterday and although i adapt well to change, there are some who for some reason had no idea what to do. they are mundane, used to a certain way of life and if you throw them a curve ball, well all shit breaks loose.

here is the thing:

life can change at a moments notice and you have to be ready to accept this reality, otherwise you will go absolutely insane.

i know with this new pandemic people are slowly getting comfortable with being in isolation, finding ways to entertain themselves, some working from home but what happens when we finally can recover and go back to our normal way of life? will we adapt again to the old routine, we will be more cautious, will we respect each other more.

those unanswered questions will remain unanswered because life will never be the same as it was before. the world as we once lived will recover from this but we as people will have to change and find a new way of living.

this is where my unconditional training comes into place. i love this because i always said that if people would believe a word i say, they would find my theory correct and freeing to say the least.

which brings me to my last subject.

how people can’t handle a straight out truth about life.

when you tell someone the truth, the reality they build a defense and the only way to avoid this is to practice unconditional. fix what you can fix and leave the rest. i miss my old life but even now, there are ways i could have change it to make it better. i could have made adaptations in order to get my point across without stressing myself out.

alas, now that i have a new lifestyle, this has been a progress as well. oh there are times i break down and absolutely cry or feel so much regret but then i take a step back and say:

if it is meant for me to return, i will.

thank you so much for reading my post today and please comment or feel free to contact me anytime and let’s get unconditional! order my eBook.


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