mixed feelings of depression

when people are depressed, we all suffer in different ways and bugs the hell out of me is how they always say there is help out there.

well readers, i can tell you the list is very long. how is this possible?

they say that unless you are need deep in shit or want to kill yourself, you have to be put on a list. it made me think that maybe, i should start a therapy group online for that none severe who take a back seat because our health care system has failed to provide more therapist.

i mean come on!

people are very stressed and have real issues waiting in line for everything seems to be the popular thing.

on another note. getting back to things you should do when you are depressed or feel as though the light has burnt out try one thing that makes you feel good.

me, designing.

i have noticed that when i am less focused, nothing seems to work. when you have no good feelings, nothing good comes out and it shows. this has been my constant companion for a few years now.

i want simple but interesting. must get back to design and find some happy thoughts. thanks for being here, i know many suffer with mental health and i hear you.

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