Mental Health

mental health is suffering and people need to listen

i have noticed a big change in my behavior, continuously fighting the freedom of choice is very hard when i can’t seem to reach other people feel the same way. this world has become a banter and controlled by government sack of shit and we need to stand up to them.

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i can’t even begin to tell you how being restricted to my home will cause a big impact on mental health because i choose not to inject myself with a product that isn’t full proof. people are dying, granted but way before covid-19 people were dying too every day you just weren’t hearing about it. this has gone on far beyond freedom of choice but total government control, Canada and US alike.

i read Microsoft News every day and today i decided to sign up because i want to be heard.

are you listening?

making comments with others might help the issue but i doubt it will go anywhere. these can control the comments and i can honestly say it is wrong to have a voice and never be heard. you will see a number of people, even young adult go into shock because they want to go to school but now being forced to take this vaccine. the smart ones should stay home and fuck public social networking, do online schooling. i can’t even imagine what will happen when the young ones go back in september. it won’t last long, they will be one or two cases then they will lock everyone down again.

it is simply a shit show because whatever they try to do, doesn’t work. mask or no mask, vaccine or no vaccine, this covid-19 isn’t what people believe it to be it is a plot against people to control us.

we will more deaths over suicide than covid, you will see.


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