Mental Health

mental health for real: how we are coping

the truth behind what is really happening around the world and a personal note.

here is the thing. i heard a guy speak on the television last night and it made me really think. people are so mean and rude and have no consideration for others, that it is no wonder we suffer and most of us in silence.

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we want to talk about our struggle but the judgement is never far behind us. the labels, whether you are a person of great importance or an average bloke, it does not matter. this mental health issue is serious and has to be really voiced.

yesterday was a very bad day. people just can’t keep their nose out of my business and not even considering the affects it can have on a person.

customer service is a very hard job and for most of my day i listen to people complain. hard enough as it is taking shit from people, i do like helping but when your coworkers try to abuse the privilege of bantering and spitting out misinformation for the sake of making them look good, well i don’t appreciate that.

companies today are only out for the big bucks not the customer and when i do my job, i like to make sure the customer gets what they are truly getting. if there is a mistake, and i can fix it, i will. but facts are facts and policies are policies and i can’t change that.

i think the world needs to take a back seat, evaluate what is really important and be more understanding. we are losing a lot of good people because most of us who suffer in silence and give up.

no matter what we do to help ourselves, there is always some asshole around the corner to ruin the day.


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