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mental diarrhea: how to stop over thinking

a jumping mind is an exhausting concept. most humans can’t clear their minds for even 1 minute and this is bad for sleep and mental health as a whole. as i listened to a famous philosopher he really made sense when saying ‘humans are prevailed to think they need a purpose in life, when in fact we are capable of anything.’ to bad i wouldn’t have taken that advice as a child growing up because i was under the impression we needed a purpose.

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“live every moment like it’s your last”

good words if only more people would get that. me, i seriously have to work on my mental diarrhea. too much in the brain will kill me sooner than i think. yesterday i was finally able to float in my pool,

white life donut on swimming pool
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although the temperature was beautiful the water was a little chilly ( ha ha) but nonetheless, my goal was to clear the head.

i can tell you that was even hard to do for some reason i can’t seem to get shit out of my head.

This week i am making it my mission to unload. seriously, it has to stop, i have to realize i can’t fix everything, i can’t turn back time and i certainly can’t make things happen. i want so much joy in my life and it seems to be so hard to find. instead of analyzing it all the time, i wish i could find a way to get some happiness in my life but i know that is near impossible because of my commitments and current situation.

alas! i took a wrong turn somewhere for sure.

in the present moment

i am sure as most of us are doing, getting the yard cleaned up, working on finding some flowers and basically the garden needs attending. i guess for now, it is all i can keep focus on. mental health is so difficult and we must continue to keep our connections or we will continue filling the #mentaldiarrhea.

as always, be unconditional.

the Writer

PS: maybe it’s time you connect with people you miss. i did.


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