Maybe, Just maybe it is the words they don’t understand

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OR THEMSELVES. I have to say, I have learned a few lessons in my life and the one thing that stays consistent is my knowledge of people. Most people who get offended by words are those who have issues with themselves and can’t understand that. They mask their own reality in order to avoid the obvious and I can say without a doubt I work with quite a few of them in my time. Another example is people who have too much “stuff” in their homes. They collect things to fill the voids they don’t want to face. I love space and let me just say, if I had my own mansion somewhere, the would be no paintings or pictures on the walls, no clutter on the floor and lose everything that isn’t necessary.

I hate a cluttered home, I love space, it is simple but when you live with someone you have to compromise, right? Another scenario with words is if a person gets angry when you point out mistakes. OH, I am no picnic when people point out my mistakes and I do take it to heart. it is a constant reminder of failing even though most will say “Oh it is a learning experience”. They are full of shit you know. it isn’t. It points out that you are a fuck up and can’t grasp the concept.

Confrontation isn’t my best value and when I want to express an emotion about a person, I find it difficult, even after all this time. I guess it is because society has made it so hard to tell it like it is and fear that I may get arrested or lose valuable time in my life, I keep my mouth shut.

In the end, the only thing we can honestly understand is our own life. We must at all times continue to grow, feel our emotions, deal with our bullshit and accept everyone for who they are. And if people can’t accept you, then that is definitely their problem.

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