Maybe Crazy: I think Not

I like to start my Sundays with a fabulous idea. Fresh starts are always the best and depending on the mood, it can become quite difficult to truly find a moment of serenity.

I have never been a good cook and this morning I baked some tea biscuits in the air fryer. I love my air fryer because it’s one of the toys that help people like me cook without any difficulty or worry. You just need to know how long to cook your dish. So Tea Biscuits! 9 minutes, and forget it. They turned out great. Lite and fluffy and really no mess, no burning certainly great tasting. I highly suggest you go out and get a roll of Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Finally got to soak in the sun yesterday, layout around the pool is one of my favorite things to do, however, it wasn’t without its challenges. The idea of this serenity is to turn off my brain in order to relax however, being I am always spinning the wheels, this becomes a big task. Even the margaritas couldn’t fix it, all that did is give me a big headache! ( ha ha ) which I am used to. They say too much sun isn’t healthy but I gotta say it does wonders for me, not to mention I have a great tan.

Ok. now that I bitched about my real life a bit, what knew on the #mentalhealh front?

Well, I realized this morning I forgot to take my hormone pill the last 2 days which means I am really lacking sleep and completely disoriented or I just assumed I had swallowed the little buggers. Nonetheless, I noticed the last 2 days how warm my body was getting and now know why. Menopause gotta love it!

Good thing I didn’t flip out on anyone.

Sad to say I rely on those because I hate drugs of any kind and don’t believe in pharmaceutical medicine but I didn’t have a choice when after my big surgery realized I was going totally crazy because of a lack of hormones. The things woman go through in a lifetime is horrendous.

But I am ok, really.

The Big Plan this week.

I guess still looking for ways to make extra cash without the immediate hassles, keeping my sanity in check, and guiding myself to patience especially when it comes to working. That place is really starting to get to me. They can’t keep me busy enough and I am frustrated with the lack of support for the clients. C’est La vie!

Have a great week everyone and hopefully I can post more this week, if I set reminders, maybe that will help. Again, reach out anytime.

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