liars are the worst

most people can’t tell when someone is lying. we know that at times, there is such a thing as a white lie but when you talk to people whom you really know, you can always tell.

i have always been a very realist person and my knowledge of people’s character has been quite bang on. maybe it is a gift but i can tell you, i hate to be right about things like this. predictions are a funny thing and push comes to shove, i can’t even begin to tell how many times i have regretted being right about someone.

the other day i was at Walmart and met someone i haven’t seen in a long time and she was babbling about surviving the masses of the famous #covid19 of 2020 saying how busy she is and remodelling her home. i called her out on it as we all know money is a big issue in this time of crisis and her face changed. i mean really, how much money can you have in the bank when i know for a fact she had 2 jobs in order to survive before all this happened.

people are two faced most of the time but the ones that feel the need to show a different face in order to impress others is a reality i can’t stand.

showing our true nature and feelings is a hard thing but at least be real about life.

i can’t lie, people who know me, my face says it all. i would have neve made a great politian but that’s ok. i hate politics. they lie to us all the time and make our lives a living hell.

another thing that happened the other day was a post or rather a video i seen of someone who was having a melt down. she went to explain that she was having a really bad day and that it was fine to be aware of your feelings.


the thing that drives me insane about life and social media at this present time are so many people are giving advice on quarantine, adaptation and whatever it takes to entertain. the problem is all humans are different and what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

taking a break from social media is one of the best advice i have heard lately because we are so sucked in to this idea that survivial comes from watching videos all day long.

what we need more and more of is realism.

we need to step out and be back to a somewhat normal way of life. the news today in Toronto, Canada, a group of people were in the park and i laughed. i even commented telling them my perspective and feeling and i must say, i did not hesitate to tell it like it is.

law or no law, people need to stand up for what is right. #fuckcovid.

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