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I have read somewhere people say more content is better. however, I have also done the research and people nowadays have a greater attention span than ever. I total believe in smaller content and bigger ideas. get the point across and reach more people in the conversation.

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grab your cup of coffee and let’s chat about life

what you want, changes you would like to see, how we can make our lives better in the coming days. even though I find myself struggling, I still manage to keep some hope just around the corner but today is not a good day. I feel as though I should just give up on the idea of ever working again and only because it seems impossible to get a job in this town. I wish I had the luxury of going somewhere else but that is not an option.

now what I must do is evaluate what comes next. as the internet isn’t helping, no money to be make online and definitely not by affiliates or donations, therefore I must just hope for a miracle of some sort.

what would you do?


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