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have you noticed how many people are more focused on this “blacklivesmatter” situation? I am really being serious. what about everyone matters? do we not.

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it is no offense to anyone but the truth is we are in chaos and as people are focused more on this subject we are forgetting the rest of the world. starvation, broken people with no jobs, no lives and especially the idea of what comes next. businesses in ruins, failing to comply with laws and politicians making stupid comments and words of bullshit.

i am telling you people, the time has come for change and i don’t mean for the better. our world has become a pearl locked in that shell we find at the bottom of the ocean.

how are we ever going to break free if we are solely focused on all the chaos. how can we come back to what we believed to be normal.

social media is and has been our constant companion but it lacks authenticity.

when does it all end.


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