laughter is the best medicine

if you aren’t having fun, then you are sleeping.

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good morning everyone! let’s take a moment to find some inner fun. i posted a few videos this morning on my social media only because i know that making people laugh is truly a gift. some people will get offended but i believe that laughing is truly a de-stresser.

the famous tiktok has surely taking off this year and people are so brave in posting new videos. a few that i follow surely make my day and with christmas only 2 days away now, people are forgetting to take a moment and find joy.

i haven’t done much writing lately, work is busy and re-creating to get ready for the unveil of 2021 has pretty much occupied my time.

i think for the rest of the year, i will come up with ways to improve that creativity and remind myself that simple, while better, i must concentrate on promoting good mental health.

this week, my focus is trying to do nice things for people. i took one of my readers a gift yesterday and i know she appreciated it. it is so important to give and more importantly to make another person feel good. however, it is also important to make yourself feel good. we must take care of ourselves and especially now that the world has gone nuts, our daily check it is so important

i know there are numerous of professional people out there but my little input is probably more personal. i think what we have to keep in mind during this horrible time is that we should continue to live our lives in a normal capacity. to much emphasis has been put on hiding from the inevitable. our immune system can’t fight off anything if we are constantly locking ourselves up.

a person like me and many others, who work from home spend a lot of time in front of a computer and have to discipline themselves to step away. however, i do dread the going out shopping bit, especially today, i will look forward to seeing how people are reacting to the new lockdown. we all know they are angry and full of anxiety.

i used to love being in the public all the time because it gave me so much more ideas for writing. this is probably why i hate being at home, the interaction is missing. i guess my thoughts for today would be, find a way to keep your sanity, continue to step away and remember to give!

make someone’s day.


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