knowing who cares and does not

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i learned a lesson yesterday which should be shared. some of us never understand why people chose to be friends. some want to know things only to report or make up stories. others will simply want to keep one eye open in order to keep you in the loop and others are truly out to destroy you.

the true friends will always take a moment and recognize the value you bring and in my opinion, those the ones we should keep. it takes a mere “hello” or “acknowledgement” to let the other person know you care enough.

the fact remains, as i have said many times in my posts, leave the past in the past, right?

i only say this because reality is really starting to set in and for me, friends are few and far between. maybe i burned a few bridges along the way but in times like this, we should all be saying “hello” no matter the situation. unfortunately, there are some who are to high and mighty to acknowledge their neighbors and old friends.


i understand.

soon, time will move on and this will all be forgotten but i will be a better person for it.

Share the Words

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