Knowing What is Best for Life

it’s midday and i was watching something inspirational, wondering how this lady went from nothing to something incredible. what inspired me was how she knew what she wanted and how she wanted to help people, live the life she dreamed and make it happen.

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most of us know what inspires our very core, most of us are lucky enough to have everything fall into our laps and some of us merely see what we believe to be the path chosen for us.

what i thought was meant to be is exactly the opposite. this morning, i was offered another opportunity and i have to ask myself, ‘is this the path i must take’. i had chosen something completely different, thinking i had a plan and now i must make choices again. for some reason, i can’t set my mind to just one thing and i know the biggest reason is money.

nowadays, you have to make a good amount of money to survive as the cost of living is so expensive. even just running everything at minimal, you can’t even save a penny for a rainy day because everything is so costly. when you think you have a budget in place and nip it in the bud, then something comes around the corner wonder what to guggle next.

as you all know i have tried many times to find something online that would bring me profit and the luxury of staying at home. i love this type of lifestyle but the fact remains, nothing seemed to come my way that didn’t cost a bigger, almost full paycheque in order to achieve what so many have accomplished online. therefore my efforts, which have diminished, were i feel wasted.

a normal workweek is 40 hours for me or i should say was and now i am back to 4 hours a week not even close to making what i should be making. after being interviewed for another position this morning, calculating the cost and time of working 40 hours a week, weighing the pros and cons, i am yet again on the fence.

do i want to get up every morning in the wee hours, for a mere few hours? or do i want to sit here, wearing what i want, never having to leave the house and settling for a smaller paycheque? the upside is growth; the chance that down the road, i may get offered a better position and more money. there is always a chance, right?

so at the end of all this, the thoughts are this: what does one really want for ones’ self and how can i finally settle on a job that will keep me afloat and make me happy?


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