justify your own identity, i think not

i have been thinking about identity and how we find labels are the way to proceed in life. we are creatures of giving ourselves a label but never really think about just being me, myself and i.

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in certain circles we must pretend to be someone else but i feel if people would show their true colors, our world would be a much better place. we wouldn’t have to hide behind deceit, lies and certainly promises made to be broken. all this does is create more chaos than is needed in our crazy world today.

personal note: updates on what is going on with me.

i had a crazy feeling the other day that seems to have released some negative energy i have been holding onto for years. i was looking at something all wrong, which reminded me how i have really put myself down because of certain factors. professionally, i was always trying to go the distance in order to satisfy someone else. we should never be something else to sacrifice our own personal growth no matter the cost.

there are certain people who are intimidated by power and can turn a blind eye on what really matters. people are important; their strengths only show up for the show when put to the test and sometimes, these strengths are buried so far beneath the surface, it scares the shit out of people of authority.

so i happy to say i no longer hold regret in the negative way but only to feel sorry for those who don’t believe in my strengths.


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