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it’s the little things that make you crazy

let’s stop and think for a moment. what is it that restricts you? what really drives you so insane that you can’t function? people have become so distance that we no longer feel compassion for one another.

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stresses are high and lately it has been building more and more. living this customer service dream of hell has made me realize that employers really have not come to terms with people who admit their mental health issues.

this is such a problem we need to address it.

personal story

so i have been promoted to a new division in my company and this week, not to mention the trainer is a complete hair head but i have felt myself fading into the deep hole again and i know why. i was doing so well, top of my group, great stats i even got a bonus. now i am in this training and it has just blown me to pieces. i explained my frustrations to the immediate supervisor saying that this extra position is not for me. i just want to go back to what i was doing and this was clearly indicated it wasn’t an option. so what is an employee left to do but quit.

totally unfair that this company does not consider the possibility that some people know their limitations and can’t explain the reasoning but simply share the feelings of anxiety and distress.

being misunderstood is very apparent. so i took the rest of the day off yesterday, missing out on hours to completely re-evaluate how i will approach this mess. it is bad enough they don’t pay me enough to put up with the bullshit but to do this to me, admitting that i can’t handle another responsibility should be clear.

the question is why put people in a position to fail? it is unacceptable.

moral of the story, don’t do better because companies will take advantage of you. it will break your mental health and put you right back where you started. complete mental breakdown and i can’t come back up from it unless they allow me to go back to what i was doing.

people beware of companies that can’t recognize the truth or the ability to do what is best for your well-being. the choices are accept or quit and for me this is not an option.


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