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what do you do when your mind is blank? as a writer it is somethings difficult to come up with good content when life experiences are at a halt. interactions with people is so important when you are looking for ideas but as 2020 has proven to be less than user friendly, the writer is left ‘blank’.

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my personal life has been affected by loss this week, as you should all know if you read my last post and dealing with this has been a bit of a struggle and surprising emotion for me. here i thought my emotions had left the building only to find out i am overwhelmed with tears of sadness over our cat.

today is 3 days since this loss and i am hoping it will be a better day.

i also know that stepping away for a bit is a good thing. as i work from home now and always in my office, this morning i decided to sit on my front porch writing and this is a whole new experience. listening to nothing but birds and the breeze flowing through my hair. what a great feeling. i will also be going for a boat ride with my dad something i have not done since last year.

anyone who knows me knows i love the water. it is so cleansing and refreshing. this will indeed replenish any negative thoughts i may have buried deep.

this week i also reconnected with a good friend whom i have missed. since i have known her she has been my challenging but inspiration to my defects. i think our friendship is very unique only because we are so opposite and a very different outlook on many subjects.

i find it interesting to communicate with her because i think we both never know what will come out of our conversations.

so, i guess in the end, i found something to write about.

i hope you all enjoy your week and let’s keep sane and unconditional during these trying times of isolation and getting back to our new normal.

as i have said before, life is a windy road but you must keep it open in order to find out what your true self can discover.


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